Contact Details


Want to send Dodger some fanmail? Send it to [email protected]. We really appreciate everything which is sent!

Dodger gets a lot of fanmail and cannot reply to them all, but she does read them!

Business enquiries

If you have a business enquiry, or wish to send PR mail and/or review codes, please email [email protected]

Please note that this is the only email to send review codes to. Do not send review codes for Dodger to any other email address. Please ensure that you have the correct email before sending. If you have been contacted by someone who is identify themselves as Dexbonus, please contact us at the email above.

Due to a large number of emails, we cannot guarantee a reply however every email is processed and prioritised. If you believe that your email is urgent (actionable within the next 21 days) or requires special attention due to the subject matter please use the following link to ensure it is filtered correctly: [email protected]

Unban Requests - Discord

In order to process our Discord ban appeals we utilise our community email. If you believe that you have been unfairly banned on our Discord server please contact us at our email: [email protected].

We will not reply to unban requests but they will be actioned if we believe the ban was a mistake. We do not unban users for "learning their lesson" or "changing for the better" - if you were banned, your ban is permanent. We are pretty lenient with our server and do not ban people without an extremely good reason.