Proper rules. Read them thoroughly.

Last updated: 1st May 2021

‘Services’ and ‘Dexbonus Services’ refers to the services operated and managed by the Dexbonus Community Team, including but not limited to any Dexbonus affiliated Twitch, Discord and YouTube Channels. It's sad that we have to put anything more than just "don't be a dick" here, but people don't seem to understand what that means anymore...

We believe everyone should be able to chill, relax, and talk about life. In order for that to happen, we swiftly obliterate racism, transphobia, ableism or hate speech of any kind. There is no place for it here or in the world in general.

Please ensure that you read and fully understand these rules. Failure to abide by these rules will lead to punishments being applied to your account as detailed in Section B: Infractions. If you have any questions about the rules, or you do not believe that the rules are clear, please contact us via email at [email protected].

A: General

  1. Maintain a pleasant, casual atmosphere, be respectful of all, and ensure the community is a fun and accepting place for all to talk and interact.
    What does this stop me doing?
    • Discrimination, denigration, harassment, or threats based on, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, color, caste, national origin, immigration status, sex, religion, gender, age, sexual identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, or veteran status;
    • Trolling or expressing an unpopular point of view with the intent to cause disruption;
    • Hateful or harassing behaviour, including but not limited to, insulting anyone in any way;
    • Sexual advances, objectifying statements, derogatory statements, degrading statements or any sexual harassment;
    • Lying, or falsifying information, about anyone or anything;
    • Sharing unverified, unsourced or unreliable claims about any notable individual or entity;
    • Impersonating any member of staff or the community, including impersonation of an individual or entity;
    • Doxxing or sharing any information which you do not have permissions to share;
    • Bypassing or attempting to bypass any chat filter;
    • Discussing politics, religion, self-harm, suicide or disruptive topics;
    • Help is available if you are self-harming or suicidal
    • Excessive swearing and any use of hate speech is not tolerated;
    • Providing unwanted help, tips, guidance or best practices, including spoiling content or backseat gaming;
    • Chatting in a language other than English.
  1. Do not spam, annoy or advertise.
    What does this stop me doing?
    • Misusing mentions or tags;
    • Using excessive caps or emotes/emoji
    • Posting the same message repeatedly, including asking the same question repeatedly if not answered;
    • Using channel points to disrupt or spam chat;
    • Repeating other users messages, or asking other users in chat to repeat your message, including "signal boosting";
    • Posting surveys, giveaways, fundraisers, or questionnaires;
    • Asking, begging, or soliciting for subscriptions, gifts, donations, attention or products;
    • Requesting reviews of products, organisations, companies, services or games;
    • Attempting to organise sponsorship, advertising, payment, media activity, promotional content, interviews or questionnaires in a public setting;
    • Complaining about, discussing or commenting on, any moderation actions or moderation setup including blocked terms;
    • Posting links or content which could be considered: malicious, objectionable materials, pornography, shock sites, malware, phishing sites, hate groups, fake news or intentionally misleading information;
    • Utilizing direct messages to annoy a community member after they have asked you to stop;
    • Posting advertising including, social accounts, streams, promotions, affiliate links or other websites, streamers or servers.
    • Advertising Communities, Groups, YouTube Channels, Twitch channels or Discord Servers on Dexbonus Services is not permitted without express permission from the Community Manager.
  1. Do not encourage others to break rules, bypass bans, or break terms of service on any Dexbonus Services.
  2. Failure to abide by the Community Guidelines, Policies or Terms of Service on the platforms operated by the Dexbonus Community Team. Including, but not limited to:
  3. Your username must be appropriate. You may be asked to use a different account if your username is found to be inappropriate. If you refuse to change your username you will be banned from the services.
  4. Piracy is not tolerated in any form. This includes, but is not limited to, linking to sites with illegal content, suggesting you have watched pirated content and discussions as to where to obtain pirated content.
  5. Spoilers are not okay, and will be removed. What constitutes as a spoiler is at the discretion of the Dexbonus Community Staff. Receiving excessive warnings for spoilers may result in you being removed from some or all of the Dexbonus Services.
  6. Respect Dodger's Rules. Only provide game tips when asked. Do not backseat game. Don’t give tips, or explain what to do and how to do it. Do not gripe or moan if Dodger does something you don't believe is correct.
  7. Do not provide specialist support for topics where your qualifications cannot be verified; this includes, but is not limited to, Medicine, Finance, Investments, Health and Childcare. If you choose to follow any advice given by a member of the community, we will not be responsible for the outcome. Please always seek professional help from a trusted, registered and qualified specialist.
  8. Please do not ask unprompted questions about Dodger's family, personal life or private topics. If you wouldn't ask a random person in the street, it's not appropriate to ask Dodger out of the blue. If Dodger is already discussing these topics then questions are generally fine, but please keep in mind that Dodger will ignore questions she does not want to answer - do not repeat them.
  9. From time to time certain topics subjects not listed here may be deemed unacceptable for discussion on Dexbonus Services. These will be relayed via the Dexbonus Community Team if and when relevant.
  10. Ignorance of, or disagreement with, the rules is not a valid reason to be pardoned.

B: Infractions

  1. Players may receive an infraction for breaking any of the rules above, depending on the severity of the violation.
  2. Starting from January 22, 2021 any moderator indication (i.e. timeouts, bans, reports) which has identified content breaking Twitch's Sitewide rules will automatically be referred to Twitch and actions may be taken against your account by Twitch.
  3. Upon receiving an infraction, players will be warned, temporarily banned, or permanently banned, depending on the number previous infractions as well as the severity of the infraction(s).
  4. Particularly serious or blatant cases of rule violations will result in an immediate permanent ban with no prior warning. As Twitch does not tolerate any abuse that is motivated by hatred, prejudice or intolerance, the penalty for such behaviour is more severe.
  5. Players violating the rules on any Dexbonus Service may be banned from any or all of the services.
  6. Bans (except temporary twitch bans) can be appealed and/or discussed by following the guidance on our unbans page. Bans cannot be appealed or discussed anywhere else. Any discussion about bans outside the support system may result in more severe action (such as a ban extension).
  7. Commenting on or complaining about a; ban appeal, ban, moderator, partner, brand, sponsorship or product of Dexbonus Services in a public forum may lead to your account being permanently banned.
  8. Abuse of unbans, including repeated emails about a ban may result in a permanent bans from some or all Dexbonus Services and your email address being reported as malicious or spam depending on the nature of the emails received.
  9. Giving false information in any ban appeal will result in immediate denial of the appeal with no further discussion and will result in the ban(s) being appealed remaining permanently.
  10. All infractions are subject to moderator discretion.

Further information about the new Hateful Conduct and Harassment policy can be found on Twitch's website.

Ban Evasion

Ban evasion is not permitted, and will result in a permanent ban for all alternate accounts associated with the evading player. The alternate accounts will remain banned once the original ban expires, and the original ban may also be extended indefinitely. We work closely with relevant platforms and your account may be permanently banned from the entire platform if you are found to be repeatedly evading bans.

Ban evasion includes, but is not limited to;

  • Attempting to unban yourself
  • Creating new accounts
  • Using a friend's account
  • Signing up with a new email
  • Using your sibling's account
  • Asking someone to post on your behalf
  • Attempting to change your IP address
  • Harassing members of the community to advocate for your unbanning

We use advanced social listening and analysis tools to identify evasions of a ban. We work with relevant platforms to ensure that access to the entire platform is revoked for all relevant accounts when there is repeated and malicious ban evasion.

C: Use of Services

  1. Report any issues or bugs encountered on Dexbonus Services via email to [email protected]. Exploiting any bugs for any reason other than to demonstrate at the request of a staff member will result in a punishment.
  2. Follow any directions given by a Dexbonus Community staff member. If you have a complaint about a staff member, please send an email to [email protected].
  3. You may record your activities on Dexbonus Services subject to the following:
    • You have the express written or recorded permission of everyone recorded.
    • You have the express written or recorded permission to record their creations.
    • All Parties involved are properly credited.
    • Anything uploaded to a non-Dexbonus Service includes links back to the server page for the services the activities were recorded on.
    • Official Dexbonus Community events, including livestreams hosted by Dodger, may not be recorded.
  1. You will not backseat moderate, act like a moderator, take matters into your own hands, or advise our moderators. We do not like BDSM (Backseating, Disruptive or Substandard Moderation).
  2. Dexbonus Community Staff reserve the right to exclude anyone from any and/or all services for any reason without notice.