Unban Requests

We have changed how we process ban requests. All ban requests for Twitch are now processed directly on Twitch. Discord and other bans are processed via email requests. Please note that we cannot overturn or influence Twitch suspensions or warnings as those are global.

Unban requests are only managed by our Senior Staff team - Moderators do not manage unban requests to ensure that there is a second opinion on the ban. Please do not message senior staff, moderators or community members about your ban as they will be unable to help.

Twitch Ban Appeals

All unban requests for Twitch are now processed through Twitch's Unban Request platform. When you attempt to chat on the site at https://twitch.tv/dexbonus you will be prompted to submit an unban request.

Please ensure that you fill out the unban request with as much detail as possible. Please review the following guidelines before submitting your request:

  • Please ensure that you review the chat history provided by Twitch before appealing.
  • Please ensure that you flag if you believe this was a staff mistake.
  • Please review our community rules before you appeal.
  • Please allow an extended period of time to pass before appealing, unless you believe it was a mistake by staff.
  • Further abuse in ban appeals will lead to your account being reported to Twitch.

If your ban appeal is successful then you will be sent a response from the staff which you will need to acknowledge. Please be aware that generally if we have unbanned you once you will not be unbanned if you break the rules again.

Discord Ban Appeals

In order to process our Discord ban appeals we utilise our community email. If you believe that you have been unfairly banned on our Discord server please contact us at our email: [email protected].

We will not reply to unban requests but they will be actioned if we believe the ban was a mistake. We do not unban users for "learning their lesson" or "changing for the better" - if you were banned, your ban is permanent. We are pretty lenient with our server and do not ban people without an extremely good reason.