Dexbonus Community Discord

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Do you want to have long and pointless conversations about the correct way to pronounce ferry, or fairy? Do you want to look at photos of cats, dogs and all manner of cute animals? Do you enjoy sharing photos of your food? How about talking about the latest anime you've been watching or reading?

Well, stop doing it with yourself and join our Discord! There are thousands of Purritos discussing random topics and you could be one of them!

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How do I tell if Dodger is on the server?

  • Dodger chose her favourite color, orange, for her name and the rank Weeb Queen in the sidebar. You'll be able to tell if she is online if her status is green.

Dodger will not respond to direct messages in most cases - so if you have an urgent issue please contact our staff team.

How do I identify who is part of the Community Moderation Team?

  • The Community Manager, Amarielle, has swanky red text and the rank High Purrlord in the sidebar.
  • Specialist Assistants have nice blue names and a relevant Rank in the sidebar. As well as moderator work, these people also help the community in additional ways.
  • Moderators have cool green names and the Moderator rank in the sidebar. They're here to help out to ensure the server runs smoothly!

Discord Rules

  • Do not impersonate other people on Discord.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not be a rude patoot.
  • Do not discuss banned topics.
  • Abide by the Discord ToS, Community guidelines and Partner Code of conduct.
  • You must be over the age of 13 to validly hold a Discord account.

These rules are further explained in the Discord #help-and-info channel when you join.

I need help on Discord!

  • Feel free to talk to a moderator if you’re having problems on the server. If no one is available or you cannot message a moderator due to your technical problem, please send an email to: [email protected]